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Harley & Honda

Harley in Cape Coral... rent it from us

Generally, renters must:
Be 21 years of age or older (some locations are 25, check with the dealer to confirm).
Have a valid heavyweight motorcycle operator's license.
Have a major credit card.
Must possess the skills, knowledge and ability to operate a heavyweight motorcycle.

Get the Easy Rider Feeling

It is a business run by riders who know what riders want. We have well maintained bikes and we keep a nice stable with enough options to satisfy every rider.
We do it best, and we do it for less! Cape Coral Motorcycle Rentals is the most affordable rental shop in the Fort Myers Area. No Harley™ dealership will match our prices, but if you find a better price on a bike rental, we will match it!*

We work with you as a fellow rider. We have long term rental packages (why rent a car when you can ride a Motorcycle)… give us a call or send us a message so we can put your package deal together today!

You can fulfill this dream, at least for the time in Florida, by ordering a Harley or a motorcycle from another brand with us, your Cape Coral motorcycle rentals today. It's easier than you think and the result is more fun than you think.

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* rent per day for 2 week rental